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Our Daycare centers utilize the Highscope curriculum in Infant and Toddler programs, which focuses on all areas of development.  The Scholastic Big Day For PRE-K curriculum is used in our PRE-K 3 and PRE-K 4 programs, which focuses on ensuring kindergarten readiness.

Steam Platform Focus

Our Daycare, Preschool and School Age programs focus on the STEAM platform in addition to their core development. S.T.E.A.M., standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, are integrated into their daily settings to support their overall academic growth. The STEAM framework is customized for our Early Childhood Education program, the elements of which are present from every activity from storytime to technology and science activities.


Early Intervention and Special Education

Lead by Dr. Lillian Wright, our centers collaborate with special education professionals to develop and implement essential educational, emotional, and behavioral support based upon our children’s needs. Partnering with organizations and individuals such as ACHIEVA Early Intervention, The Infant Toddler Programs, and speech therapists we provide early intervening skills and intervention for students displaying a 25 percent developmental delay in cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills. Through various collaborations students will have access to special education professionals such as speech and language clinicians, occupation and physical therapists, and specialized teachers and family supports.


Kindergarten Readiness

Children coming from our STEAM focused curriculum will enter kindergarten with skills they have mastered throughout their time in the classroom. It is our goal for children to excel in expressive and receptive language, phonological awareness and print knowledge, hands-on exploration, mathematics, social and emotional recognition, innovative learning and thinking and physical development. We strive to grow children who will transition into the kindergarten classroom with a readiness and eagerness for learning and behaviors that contribute towards a productive classroom structure and self-regulation.

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